Identity Guide

This section provides guidelines and tools for using the HFC brand. All HFC staff and faculty must use these identity guidelines for all matters pertaining to the College logo and style guidelines for marketing, communications, web, social media, and other media and opportunities. The following may change at any time at the discretion of Marketing and Communications.

The HFC graphic identity is the visual language for communicating the HFC brand through photography and videography, selection of imagery and design. By unifying these key components of the HFC brand, HFC will strengthen the College’s impact.

Communicators are ambassadors of the HFC brand. By maintaining consistency in all messaging and in the proper use of logos, typography, color palettes, imagery, and design, HFC can ensure its position as a leading educational institution in the region.


Logos and Branding guidelines are not currently available for download. Please contact for assistance.


The HFC logo is the primary visual identifier of the college and should be used on all print and digital communications related to the College. It is important to use the logo consistently and correctly across all collateral to ensure the strength of the brand.

The official guidelines for using and presenting the logo are available on request by emailing Please note the following important details.


All versions of the HFC logo are protected by trademark law and may not be used for any purpose without express, written approval from Henry Ford College. For approval to use the HFC logos, please contact

Logo Components


Please work with the Marketing and Communications team on all uses of the HFC logo. Express written permission is required to use our logo or identity standards.

The HFC identity system is made up of a logo and brand, or wordmark ("FUTURE DRIVEN".) The logo has a plain version and a version with the brand integrated into the logo. For most purposes, the logo with the integrated brand is the preferred logo.

There is also a secondary (horizontal) version that may be used in certain circumstances by working with the Marketing and Communications team.

We do not use the brand (FutureDriven) on its own. It must appear in conjunction with the logo.

Logo Usage

Always maintain brand integrity when using the logo to represent HFC to internal and external audiences. To do this, contact Marketing and Communications, who will help you in following these guidelines:

  • No alterations are permitted. This includes changes in presentation, arrangement, proportions, and colors.

  • Only approved original digital logo files should be used.

  • You may use the logo at any size for official purposes. Always constrain proportions so that they are not altered. The logo may not be stretched, squeezed, cropped, skewed, or otherwise used disproportionately.

  • The logo should always have sufficient clear space (space around the logo.) The minimum clear space is equal to the height of the word “COLLEGE” in the logo. The logo should not run up against the edge of a document or page.

  • The minimum size permitted is 0.5" or 40 pixels wide.

  • Use the logo with the brand built-in unless you have express permission to use the logo without FutureDriven.

The College Seal

Use of the HFC College seal is restricted to official documents or activities of the institution sponsored by the President, Board of Trustees, or other executive officer. The seal is also used for special ceremonial events or other special purposes approved by the President’s Office. The seal may not be used for any other purpose.

The seal may not be used on clothing. Under special circumstances such as a gala event or anniversary, high-quality branded merchandise or high-quality branded awards may include the seal, with express, written permission from Marketing and Communications.

Custom Logos

It is important for the College to speak with one voice, and to use the main HFC logo consistently across all divisions, departments, and programs. For this reason, all custom logos follow the same design. The College will create logo wordmarks to represent all divisions, departments, and programs upon request. These marks use the official logo, a vertical pipe, and then the name of the division or program, created to exact specifications by our graphics team. All approved custom logos must be created by our graphics team.

Specific areas of the College have their own custom identifying marks for valid reasons, and these may continue to be used. These logos include:

  • Hawks Athletics
  • The Mirror News
  • Fifty-One O One Student Restaurant
  • limited other special situations

For more information about custom marks, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

HFC logos on clothing

Please see our separate section on clothing licensing and logo wear.


The official HFC color palette is one of the most important and recognizable aspects of the brand. Using colors outside of the official palette can confuse audiences, and dilute and weaken the brand. It is imperative to maintain color consistency when creating communications for internal and external audiences.

The HFC primary colors include the HFC blue that matches Pantone® 286 CP and the Silver that matches Pantone® Cool Gray 9 C.

The secondary palette consists of a bright orange that matches Pantone® 715 CP and a bright green that matches Pantone® 375 CP. These colors express the college's "future driven" brand by evoking a technology foundation.

Use of colors outside of the primary and secondary palettes is strongly discouraged. Color choices outside of the approved palettes require approval by the Office of Marketing and Communications.


HFC typefaces express the HFC identity through their complementarity. Used correctly and consistently, they can function not only as vehicles for text, but also as images and symbols of the brand.

Please contact Marketing and Communications for information about updated font standards.


It is important to choose or create imagery that aligns with the HFC graphic identity guidelines and reflects well on the brand as a whole. Please work with our designers, who will assist you in following these guidelines:


Request unique designs or artwork from Marketing and Communications. We have professional designers who are officially appointed to provide these services. We also provide pre-designed templates available for users to create flyers and posters. However, there are instances where design work may be necessary.

Third-Party Imagery

It is important to ensure that all third-party imagery, including photographs, designs, and vector images, are legal to use and visually appropriate. Please work with the Marketing and Communications team on any third-party images.

For any questions, contact