Flyer Template

Flyer Template Guidelines

The office of Marketing and Communications provides the following general flyer templates to announce and promote your HFC event or program. Use these templates to post information in accordance with the HFC brand guidelines at Select the size that is most suitable for your event: 8.5" x 11" (standard document) and 11" x 17" (tabloid) formats. The following sections contain information on how to use and customize the templates for your needs.


Download the 8.5" x 11" Flyer Template

Download the 11" x 17" Flyer Template

Getting Started

The flyer templates are designed in Microsoft Word format (.docx). To start, download the file and open it in Word.

Before you start, please note the following.

  • Do not move or modify the background image.
  • Keep in mind that the background image appears faded in the document, because it is part of the background. It will print and appear normally when your project is completed.

General Content Guidelines

  1. All written HFC communications follow AP Style, with specific HFC modifications. Use this guide for reference.
  2. Keep titles as short as possible for readability and to save space in the document.
  3. Keep it simple. Limit the amount of information so it does not become cluttered and difficult to read. Refer viewers to websites for more information.
  4. Limit the number of bullet points. Five to six max.

General Style Guidelines

  1. Use proper case when writing body copy.
  2. Do not add or remove borders on any part of the text.
  3. Only use the font that is embedded in the file (Myriad Pro.)
  4. Only use the font colors in the document.

Copy and paste

To avoid inadvertently changing the font, font style, or font color in the flyer template, select "Merge Formatting" when copying and pasting text from other documents. This will ensure the pasted text matches the styles in the flyer.

Original Document Styles

If you wish to restore to default styles, the following are the original font sizes and colors:

  • The color of ALL body text should be Black, Text 1, Lighter 25%.
  • The font for ALL text should be Myriad Pro.
  • The color of ALL Header text should be blue RGB: 5, 85, 165.

For the 8.5" x 11" flyer template:

  • The main header (H1) font size should be 48pt.
  • The sub-header (H2) font size should be 28pt.
  • The section header (H3) font size should be 16pt.
  • The body copy font size should be 10pt.

For the 11" x 17" flyer template:

  • The main header (H1) font size should be 60pt.
  • The sub-header (H2) font size should be 36pt.
  • The section header (H3) font size should be 20pt.
  • The body copy font size should be 14pt.


The flyer templates were designed to accommodate a standard amount of content. If your content does not fit easily, edit the content down. If your content is brief, adjust the spacing between sections or increase font sizes.

Submission Procedure

Once your flyer is completed, if you would like the Graphics Center to print it, submit your final file to for review. Flyers must be submitted 5 days in advance of when you want them posted. Please include the following details in your email:

  1. Indicate the number of copies needed.
  2. Indicate the stock you would like your flyer to be printed on (e.g., poster stock, standard text stock.)
  3. Include any other notes or instructions.

The office of Marketing and Communications will review the flyer, make style changes and request clarification from authors within two business days. Printing of flyers takes approximately one business day.