Marketing and Communications overview

HOW TO GET HELP from Marketing and Communications, brief list:

  1. Print Shop request form (for ALL print shop requests)
  2. Ask for Design help -- for ALL design requests (email with the specifics of what you need).
  3. Ask for Marketing help -- for ALL marketing requests (email with specifics).
  4. Ask for Communications / PR help -- for ALL email/communications/PR needs (email with specifics). NOTE: Please read the section on how to communicate with the HFC community BEFORE submitting your request.
  5. Ask for help with an HFC website question or project -- fill out the WebAdmin form.
  6. Other? Email

We will do our best to help!

About us:

The Henry Ford College Office of Marketing and Communications represents and promotes the College by providing a variety of services and establishing College-wide standards. We offer tools, resources, and guidelines on this website as a service to the HFC community.

Major Market Advertising - current campaigns

In addition to the links on this page, Marketing and Communications is responsible for HFC advertising. Some of our current advertisements are below.

TV/Video Spots FY21-22

TV/Video Spot 1 : Biology spotlight, Yasmeen Berry
TV/Video Spot 2 : Graphic Design spotlight, Amar Haidar

TV/Video Spots FY20-21

TV/Video Spot 1 : Talented, Ready
TV/Video Spot 2 : Inspired, Confident
TV/Video Spot 3 : Motivated, Determined

Radio/Audio Spots FY20-21

Radio/Audio Spot 1: Future-focused degree
Radio/Audio Spot 2: Something big
Radio/Audio Spot 3: Future-driven music
Radio/Audio Spot 4: Driven by change
Radio/Audio Spot 5: We're all driven

Radio/Audio PSAs

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we released brief Public Service Announcements reflecting our values and public service focus.

PSA 1: A community, not just a college

Outdoor Advertising (billboards) - coming soon

Selected Digital Ads

Digital ad 2020     Digital ad 2020

Digital ad 2020     Digital ad 2020

Digital ad 2020     Digital ad 2020

Digital ad 2020     Digital ad 2020

Digital ad 2020     Digital ad 2020

If you need assistance or have questions about marketing and communications activities and services not described on this website, please contact us at or call (313) 317-6524.