Marketing and Communications: About Us

About Us

The Office of Marketing and Communications represents Henry Ford College (HFC) among its stakeholder groups with enthusiasm, accuracy, consistency, and integrity. Marketing and Communications also includes the Graphics Center, and develops content and strategy for the HFC website.

Vision: Marketing and Communications advances the College’s core vision of becoming a regional leader in connecting students to careers and lifelong educational goals.

Goals: Marketing drives experiences of relevance and value to increase the visibility, enhance the reputation, and advance the mission of the College. Ultimately, the goal is to support optimal, sustained enrollment as defined by established HFC goals, and increased community, alumni, and partnership investments in the College.

Value: The department embraces and promotes the College’s value proposition. We understand how our “product” changes lives and is most appealing. We know who our target audiences are and how to engage them to generate desired actions


Vice President - Rhonda DeLong

Marketing and Graphics

Print Shop Graphics Associate - Al Betancourt
Writer - Kurt Krug
Graphic Designer - Ashleigh Martin
Graphic Designer - Patti Sekulidis

Admissions and Recruiting

Director - Tracy Perry
Recruiter - Kristine Rouleau
Recruiter - La Mar Harris
Recruiter - vacant
Recruiter - vacant
Recruiter (bilingual English / Spanish) - vacant
Recruiter, Adult Students - Brianna Pannell
CRM Manager - Lisa Fillip
Admissions Associate - Armida Kiluk
On-Campus Recruiter - Delphine Davis

Web Team

Web Architect - Micah Webner
Web Content and Design Manager - Brandi Jackson
Web Software Developer - Jacob Krogol
Web Content and Design specialist - Hannah Tretheway

Objectives and Collaborations

  • Attract and retain students and employees who will succeed and thrive
  • Amplify and share meaning and distinctions of student and College stories
  • Provide leadership, vision, and support for major initiatives
  • Support core HFC strategy and Office of the President
  • Serve as a resource to partners, alumni, colleagues, and community
  • Foster value-driven engagement among HFC audiences

More about us

For questions, please contact the office at 313-317-6800, or via email.

HFC is a comprehensive public community college serving about 12,000 students per semester in southeast Michigan. HFC is dedicated to preparing students for a rapidly changing world and workplace by offering more than 150 associate degree, career, and university transfer programs. Students prepare to transfer to a university or prepare to go directly to work. HFC also specializes in customized workforce development training for business and industry. Since its founding in 1938, HFC has been the gateway to higher education for thousands of students who seek affordable, high-quality post-secondary education.

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