Media Relations / Media Inquiries

To Members of the Media:

As a public, community-focused campus, Henry Ford College welcomes media stories, profiles, features, and highlights about the events, activities, students, faculty, programs, and services of our College.

For urgent inquiries and breaking news, please contact:

  • Rhonda DeLong, Executive Director, Marketing and Presidential Communications:
    (o) 313-317-6800
    (c) 734-834-4686

For assistance with a story, finding a contact, or filming / interviewing on campus, please contact:

If we are not in our office when you call, please leave a message with details of what you need, and don't forget to tell us your deadline!

After-hours needs

If you need assistance after hours, please call 734-834-4686 to reach Rhonda DeLong, Executive Director, Marketing and Presidential Communications.

Our regular office hours are:
September - April: M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
May - August: M-TH, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Our office is closed Fridays during the summer)

Clips of your stories

Please provide clips of any stories you write, film, or produce so we may archive them and share them with our public audiences. Send clips to:

Filming video and shooting photos on campus

We often welcome camera crews on our campuses, with prior notice and discussion with our Executive Director, Marketing and Presidential Communications. Please contact us at the numbers above to let us know when you would like to be on campus, and what you would like to shoot. We have a form you'll need to review and sign. Depending on your needs, we may need assistance from our Campus Safety or Facilities departments.

Members of the HFC community working with Media

HFC faculty, staff, and students are free to speak to the media about your experiences and your areas of expertise. Official matters relating to the operations, programs, activities, procedures, policies, or structure of the College should be referred to Communications:

  • Rhonda DeLong, Executive Director, Marketing and Presidential Communications: 313-317-6800 or After hours or emergencies: 734-834-4686
  • General inquiries:

While you are welcome to speak to the media when they contact you, you are not required to do so. If someone calls and you are not prepared to speak to them, you can ask them to give you time to prepare, and call them back. Reach out to us at the numbers above if you have questions or need assistance.

HFC offers media training for faculty, staff, and students

We recommend that you reach out to our communications team (see contact information above) to prepare you for the best experience and the best results in working with media. We provide full-scale media training for subject matter experts, and we also provide same-day consultation and preparation if needed.

If a member of the media contacts you requesting an interview, please let us know, as a courtesy, and also let us know if you would like help preparing for a media interview.

If you see an unaccompanied media or camera crew on campus, please notify Marketing and Communications so we can assist them.