Clothing: Licensing and Logo Wear

Guidelines for using HFC logos on clothing

Branded clothing, apparel, and other specialty or novelty items intended for public use must incorporate the approved HFC logo. Please obtain approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications to ensure that all HFC approved items properly portray the HFC identity.

Only the Henry Ford College logo, with or without the Future Driven tagline, may be used on clothing. The College Seal may not be used. Former logos (such as the HFCC "tree" logo) may not be used.

With permission for athletics-related or restaurant-related purposes, you may request permission to use the Henry Ford Hawk or 5101 Restaurant logos.


T-shirts are often used for promotion of special events or time-limited activities. As such, we try not to "police" t-shirts heavily, but we do require cooperation with the following guidelines:

  1. T-shirts including the HFC logo should be created only for activities or events officially sponsored by HFC or by an approved student group.
  2. If you wish to use the HFC logo, you may use it as a stand-alone item on your t-shirt. The logo may not be combined with, overlaid upon, placed directly adjacent to, or incorporated into any other graphic elements. The logo may not be modified in any way.
  3. We strongly prefer that the HFC logo be used only in the following colors on t-shirts: original HFC blue/white/gray; all-white; all-gray; all-black; or all-HFC-blue. The t-shirt itself may be any color or combination of colors.
  4. The logo may be used with or without the official HFC "Future Driven" tagline. Please request your preferred version from the office of Marketing and Communications.
  5. Student organizations may use their group's custom identifying graphic/logo, if they have one, and may place the text "at Henry Ford College" adjacent to that graphic. You may not, however, use the HFC logo in conjunction with your group's logo or any other graphics.

Suppliers who wish to license the HFC logos

Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at 313-317-6800 or