Requesting Support

Existing sites have user guides, or instructions, for editing content on that site. Choose your site from the user guide list and follow the instructions.

User Guides

IT Services use an online issue tracking system called WebAdmin to facilitate requests for web page changes and troubleshooting. This system helps IT Services manage and process high volume requests with efficiency.

Note: all content must meet established guidelines and style standards, and must be provided in final form as it should appear on the HFC website.

Submitting a WebAdmin Issue

  1. Log in to WebAdmin.
  2. Important: ensure email subscriptions are enabled to receive additional issue updates and communication. Click the “Subscribe for Email” link (near top right of page). Select “Own issues” and click Subscribe.
  3. Create an new issue by clicking the New Issue button (top right of page).
  4. Select the corresponding project from the drop-down menu. If unavailable, select “HFC Main Website” and click Next.
  5. On the issue page, set Component to “content” and Category to “task.” Leave the following as default: Assigned, Status, Tags, and Priority. (Elevated priority is generally reserved for server outages.)
  6. In the Title box, type a brief yet descriptive title, e.g. Updates to <web page name>.
  7. In the Description box, enter further details or instructions. Provide links to web pages that require change.
  8. Optional: in the File Attachments section, upload supporting files. Click Browse to select a file and Attach to upload the file. Repeat to upload multiple files. Note: perform this step last when submitting requests, as there is a known issue affecting file attachments.
  9. When completed, click Preview to review the issue for accuracy.
  10. Click Save to submit the request.

Viewing/Replying to a WebAdmin Issue

  • If someone has provided you with a link to a WebAdmin issue: click the link, and then log in to WebAdmin to view the issue. To respond to the issue: carefully review any comments that are part of the issue. Scroll to the bottom of the page to reply. See steps 7–10.
  • To view all WebAdmin issues: log in to WebAdmin, and then view the list that appears. To view your current issues (that you have previously subscribed to or commented on), click the My Issues button (top right of the screen), and then click the issue title to view a specific issue. To respond to a specific issue: carefully review any comments that are part of the issue. Scroll to the bottom of the page to reply. See steps 7–10.
  • Caution: Do NOT reply to issue email notifications in GroupWise by pressing the “Reply” button. These messages are sent from an automated mailer that cannot respond. Instead, click the first link at the top of the email to view the issue in WebAdmin.