Images and Video

The office of Marketing and Communications does not have a dedicated photographer nor videographer. When we are able to accommodate photo and video requests, it is by asking regular staff to add these requests to their responsibilities.

Marcom staff will, when available and upon request, take photographs that support the HFC mission and vision. This includes photographs for HFC websites, news articles, and social media. Send your requests as far in advance as possible to:

If you need high-end, art-directed professional photography or video services, we recommend you hire a freelance photographer. Feel free to contact to discuss your needs, and we may be able to provide names of local photographers for you to work with. In all cases, we request that any professional photography be stored on our servers and shared with the HFC community. You will need to use our release forms for all on-campus or HFC-related shoots.

Release forms and guidelines

A signed release form is required for individuals (excluding HFC employees) who appear in video and photographs. Use our online consent form, or, if you prefer, download the media release form for adults and the media release form for parents and minors under 16 years of age. Submit signed media release forms to 333 ASCC building, or scan and e-mail the form to Please also retain a copy for your records.

  • If photography is taking place in a public place and individuals do not wish to be photographed (or videotaped), they should be allowed time to move out of the frame of the photos/video.
  • Individuals under 16 years of age must have parent/legal guardian signatures. Photos of children under age 16 may not be used for any purpose unless such signatures are obtained.
  • Avoid wearing bright-white clothing. Clothing with more muted tones works better.
  • Maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance.
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum.
  • Do not wear hats or clothing from other colleges.
  • Smile; show your enthusiasm for HFC.

Requesting photography or video services


If you feel that your photo request would be newsworthy, please note the following:

  • Send requests 2 weeks in advance, or a minimum of 5 days in advance
  • Marketing and Communications will determine the newsworthiness of all photography requests
  • We may need to decline requests that do not come to us with appropriate advance notice.

Video recording

Marketing and Communications can not provide video production services. The only service we can offer is a single camera, on a tripod, videotaping a speaker or event from a single, static position. This service is limited to high-profile events only, due to the amount of staff time required, and the limited uses of videos on campus.

After reviewing the information below, you may wish to request the assistance of the IT AV team, whose capabilities exceed ours.

The video footage Marketing and Communications can provide is archival quality only, and the sound quality is onboard the camera, which means it relies on the acoustics in the room, and how close the camera can be placed to the speaker or sound source.

This service is not suitable if you are seeking production-quality video. If you need moving cameras, multiple cameras, lighting, high audio quality, cut video for posting to web or social media, and any post-production services, we are currently unable to provide these services. We can provide recommendations for local video services companies. Marcom can review proposals, but you will need to conduct your own negotiations and use funds from your budget to acquire these services.

If you only need archival-quality video (e.g., single, static location taping only; no lighting; on-board sound only; no post-production)
* Send requests 2 weeks in advance
* Marketing and Communications will accommodate your request if a staff member is available
* We will need to decline requests that do not come to us with appropriate advance notice

Can I use my own camera or video camera?

Mostly, yes. You still need to follow the guidelines for acceptable photos, you need to seek prior permission, and you still need to obtain releases from participants, but there is no prohibition on using your mobile-phone-based camera or DSLR camera to create your own photos and/or videos. Be aware that quality varies, and marcom cannot assist with ensuring, improving, or optimizing the quality of any images / video that you produce.

We recommend you talk to us before creating photos / video images to find out if we can provide advice or assistance for your photo shoot.

Commercial entities, news organizations, or other external groups conducting photo and video shoots must seek prior, written permission from Marketing and Communications to bring cameras on campus.

Requesting specific images

Marketing and Communications manages and oversees uses of HFC photographs. We will provide permission to use images upon request. Marcom will not release images of any photo shoot without review by the director or staff.

Image specifications for web

There are two standard image sizes that we use on College websites. The following table lists minimum pixel dimensions. Additional reference is provided for Office of Communications staff and those familiar working with images.

Name Purpose Minimum Pixel Dimensions Aspect Ratio Color Space Resolution (Pixels/Inch)
Primary Front page hero (desktop width), website header areas 1440x480 pixels 3:1 sRGB 72 ppi
Secondary Front page hero (mobile width), news items, feature items 600x440 pixels 1.36:1 sRGB 72 ppi

Video specifications for web (videos submitted to us)

Videos to be posted to the HFC website or social media must be approved by Marketing and Communications and meet specific format requirements. Marcom can offer suggestions, but we cannot produce or edit video. Videos must look and sound exactly as intended. HandBrake is a free video conversion application.

Container: MPEG-4 (.mp4)
Codec: H.264
Resolution: 640x480
Bitrate: 300, two-pass
Audio: AAC, 44.1kHz
Maximum Length: 5 minutes

Email video files to Marketing and Communications for review. If the total file size exceeds 20 MB, send video files on physical media or via cloud sharing. Notify us they have been sent, so we know tolook for them. Length: Videos should be 15 seconds to 2 minutes maximum. One minute is an industry standard.