HFC LED Sign (facing Evergreen Road) Process and Protocol for Messaging

The LED display on the outside of Building M, facing Evergreen Road, is used for general College messages that have wide community interest including, but not limited to, the following:

  • open periods for registration;
  • commencement dates and times;
  • term start dates;
  • emergency and campus safety messages;
  • welcome messages to special dignitaries such as executives from international firms, education systems, federal representatives, and state political leaders; and
  • Theatre, music, WHFR, and culinary events, when possible.

Individuals seeking the use of the LED Display must fill out the LED Outdoor Display Request Form and obtain a signature from the VP who is responsible for your area.

Request forms must be submitted to the office of Marketing and Communications seven (7) business days before your event. Requests submitted with less than seven days might not be honored.

Please note: Best practice is for your announcement to be VERY brief. The fewer words, the better. No more than three lines, no more than four words per line. More text than that simply makes it unreadable on the board. Example:

Class registration begins

November 9


Requests will be reviewed by the office of Marketing and Communications to determine whether the LED board is the right medium for your request. We will work with you to find ways to promote your event or activity if the LED board is not the right option.

The office of Marketing and Communications and ITS will display messages based on current staffing resources.

The display is not available to advertise specific classes or non-HFC events.