Digital Signage

The division of Marketing and Communications manages the digital signage inside the HFC buildings on both campuses. You may request a digital display for major (College-wide) events and activities.

How to request a digital sign

  1. Read all the guidelines below.
  2. Go to our digital signage request form and submit a request.

Signage information and guidelines

  • Digital sign notices are designed, posted, and managed by Marketing and Communications.
  • Requests for digital sign notices must be placed a minimum of 5 business days before you want us to start posting your event information.
  • Requesting a notice on the campus digital signs is not a guarantee that we will be able to meet your request.
  • All content and design on all digital signs will be approved at the sole discretion of Marketing and Communications. We will base our work on information you provide and will use our discretion for the final design and content.

Digital signage will be posted at the sole discretion of Marketing and Communications, based on the following criteria:

  1. Requests must be for activities or events that affect the whole College.
  2. All activities or events must be officially sponsored by the College or a College department or sponsored HFC student organization.
  3. Designs will be created by our Graphics Team based on information you provide.
  4. Signage will not be produced for events advocating express political themes; express religious themes; themes that denigrate, degrade, or insult individuals or groups; or themes of a controversial nature such as explicit sexuality or vulgarity.

Reporting issues and outages

If a campus monitor is not displaying slides correctly, please report the issue to Donovan Shaffer or Raed Abukhader in ITS.