Digital Signage

The Office of Marketing and Communications use the digital signage website to facilitate requests for digital signage. Digital signage is broadcast on more than 30 digital monitors across HFC campuses. Download the digital signage template.

Signage information and guidelines

  • All digital signs must follow the templates for digital signs located under the Style and Usage tab.
  • Digital signage files must be in .jpg format. Slides created with PowerPoint must be saved as .jpg.
  • Slides are generally permitted to run for up to four weeks. After four weeks, slides will be removed.
  • All slides that are displayed on the television monitor system must take place on campus, involve a campus department/organization, or be an event sponsored and promoted by HFC.
  • All slides must include the HFC logo. See the Identity Guide section to obtain the HFC logo.
  • Design legible slides. Limit text and use a font size no smaller than 18pt. Keep information to a minimum; users will only see your slide for a few seconds.
  • Marketing and Communications may reformat or change slides to accommodate campus needs.

Submitting and revising digital signage

  1. Prepare the slide according to the guidelines above.
  2. Visit the digital signage website from the on-campus network.
  3. Upload your slide.

Reporting issues and outages

If a campus monitor is not displaying slides correctly, please report the issue to the IT Services Help Desk at ext. 6345.