Copying and Duplication

The Office of Marketing and Communications supports both low- and high-volume copying and duplication services. If you need to have a flier printed that was not designed by the Graphics Center or does not utilize the flier templates available on the HFC website, you must send it to for approval before we can print it. The Graphics Center is unable to print unapproved fliers.

For copying services, please choose from the following methods based on the quantity needed.

High-volume (greater than 500 copies)

The Graphics Center can accommodate high-volume requests with a minimum 2 days notice.

  1. Complete the online Print Shop Request Form.
  2. Allow for 5 business days to receive your copies.

Please Note: Please plan ahead! The Graphics Center cannot accommodate same-day copy projects. The on-campus copiers are low-volume and will not accommodate large copy jobs.

Low-volume (Less than 500 copies)

HFC maintains numerous networked copiers around campus for use by faculty and staff. These copiers are available to prepare materials for classroom instruction and organizational efforts.

Please copy responsibly, and do not make more copies than you need. The networked copiers help the College monitor usage and control costs through the use of tracking software via user swipe tags. If you need more than 500 copies, please work with the Graphics Center, to help reduce wear on machines and control paper costs. Faculty and staff may are limited to 500 copies per day on the networked copiers.

Obtaining access to copiers

New faculty and staff must obtain their HFC ID card and have it activated for use with networked campus copiers. Wave your ID card over the access pad to activate the copier. The card will automatically log you in with your e-mail credentials, which means you can scan and e-mail documents to yourself if you wish, rather than printing them on paper.

All copier usage is logged and recorded.

HFC copiers may not be used for personal copies.

Usage rules

  • Please use the copiers responsibly, and do not make more copies than you actually need.
  • Do not exceed 500 copies at one time. Individual usage is tracked, and high-volume use is subject to dean and cabinet review.
  • Submit requests for quantities greater than 500 to the Graphics Center as a Quick Copy Request. The turn-around time is usually 1–2 days. However, Quick Copy requests should be submitted at least 4 working days prior to your deadline.
  • Do not allow student workers to use your swipe card. All use of your card is attributed to you.
  • Copy HFC-related materials only. Do not use HFC copiers for personal copies.
  • Be considerate and respectful of department assistants when you ask for help with networked copiers. Department assistants serve as key operators of networked copiers on a volunteer basis.


Your ID card is usable at all networked copiers on campus. See the campus map for locations across campus.

  • ASCC (L), 4th floor, pantry
  • ASCC (L), 3rd floor, north side (former HR suite)
  • Dearborn Heights Center, 162A
  • Fine Arts Center, basement (Graphics Center)
  • Health Careers Education Center, G-132
  • Learning Resources Center, A-117
  • Learning Technology Center, lower level, A-20
  • Liberal Arts Building, 2nd floor, K-128, and basement, K-9
  • Math (Health Careers Center), G-122B
  • Science Center Main Office Area, J-115
  • Technology Building, 1st floor, E-117B and 2nd floor, E-211B
  • The School of Nursing (East Campus), Room 120